Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the road only ends



mermaid said...

You mention lost or painful love in many of your posts. I'm glad you see the road of love never ends, "unless you stop driving."

sirbarrett said...

Good call. When you think about the amount of space we use in the form of paved roads, it reflects how much importance we place on having the choice to go anywhere we like. We are compelled to do it. This is also a cheery post for anyone who feels they are in a dead end. There's no such thing.

-raindrops- said...

lore! i love the picture. reminds me of how travelling feels and how much i need to do that soon. and yes, we should just keep on driving. :)

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i like that way of thinking :)

bablu said...

So U keep on driving till U reach your destination???

gusgreeper said...

i really love that photo! hitting deadends is LAME.

HEY happy one year annniversay i just noticed you started in december 04! :)

Anonymous said...

nice photo and youre right, the road ens only when you stop :)

Danny Sillada said...

Brief poem but pregnant with imageries, magnified by poignant photo. Once in a while I feel like stop driving on my road to nowhere...

Shubhodeep said...

lovely!!! just enough said. not too much, not too little. sufficient, pleasant, fulfilling!!!

Marc said...

Well done!

Renee Wagemans said...

what a nice poem
short, vivid, to-the-point
well done

Paul said...

And sometimes it's a sled ride. Happy holidays...

Cracked Chancla said...

i like that. its a good way to approach life.

GEL said...

Yes, the continual journey is full of promise. Nice photo!
P.S. I have a new blog address here on blog spot for "Silken Threads", but also changed the name of my blog to "Irrepressible Secrets." Please update your blogroll and list me either by that title or SilvermOOn, not Green-Eyed Lady. (I can now sign in here directly with my writing name of SilvermOOn :) Thanks, Lorena!! Happy Holidays to you!

Sush said... sure does..thts when hope dies..

bert moth said...

Simple poem, but not. Does that make sense? And don't forget to enjoy the drive. Very cool photo, too.

Patry Francis said...

You say so much here. This is a very self-empowering poem. Great photo, too!

Josh said...

i love b/w and sepia photography :)

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Think I will stick this on the dash in Mark's car. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Lorena

Lorena said...

mermaid :: always saying things to restore my hope,thank you :)

sirbarrett :: another person who always inspires me. i love the way you think :)

rain :: thanks. i need to practice my driving :)

thanks :)

bablu :: yes, i believe so and in the meantime, enjoy the view :)

gusgreeper :: thanks :) yes 1 yr, time flies.

thanks eden :)

thanks danny :)

shubhodeep :: thanks for the sweet comment !

thanks Marco :)

renee wagemans :: thanks.
also thanks for visiting!!

paul :: those are the best. happy holidays as well :) thanks for the visit.

thanks cracked chancla!

silvermoon :: thanks. i will make the changes. thanks for letting me know. happy holidays as well.

sushmita :: and we don't want that to happen so keep driving!! :)

Ô¿Ô :: it makes sense. enjoying it is the most important thing to remember. thanks :)

thanks patry francis :)

josh :: so do i!

sue hardy-dawson :: thanks, happy holidays to you and your family as well :)

Michael Manning said...

Christopher Reeve mentioned this in his final book. Glad you reminded me!

rhein said...

it would help to keep on driving if my car didn't keep breaking down!

Pincushion said...

Again..we've said the very same things in different ways! How does this happen all the time..I've painted the very same thing with similar thoughts..!
Love your pics!

_Soulless_ said...

The freedom to choose. ^_^

Happy holidays, precious one. Much love. *hugs*

stan laurel said...


gas :)

Amie said...

...or you stop walking
(he he he because i don't drive)

Have a blessed and merry holidays Lorena!

Lorena said...

michael manning :: wow, that's cool!

rhein :: ahh, yes ocassional breakdowns to be expected :)

pincushion :: yes, i remember visiting your wonderful painting. it is cool to see how we can connect at times :)

soulless :: thank you. yeah, the road is definitely symbolic of freedom!!
happy holidays to you as well :)

stan laurel :: lovely :) so true!! find the nearest hotel...

amie :: i actually don't drive either so i guess we'd be hitch hiking on this road... :)

Happy Holidays to all!!

Ghost Particle said...

short and funny and nice.

Lorena said...

thanks :)

Jackal said...

So true.