Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my coffee mug, bailey and more

invited by Ghost Particle to participate in "International Post A Mug" week,
this is my mug.

the quote reads:

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."
~ Plato ~

(i encourage everyone to participate :)


i'm also taking the time to introduce my little puppy bailey posing with my coffee cup. i saw him at the register in a hallmark store a few years back and i couldn't resist how adorable he looked. he keeps me company all during the work week. sitting dreamily on one of my computer speakers. he really enjoys my selection of music except ani's guitar and intense voice sometimes scares him :)

to my biggest fan (plagerizer) from indianfriendfinder.com, nishitarathi, i'm flattered that you left my work untouched although granted some javascript i recently put in might have made you type the stuff by hand and therefore with the time consuming task inspired you to change the title to "a sudden change of words" (originally titled "verb change"). it was quite sudden, the change of words :) last time you kept everything, even my personal note on "ready to embrace my world" you definitely were ready to embrace my writing!! sorry for the extra work. i look forward to reading more of my stuff on your site!
(yes, sarcasm) are you going to copy this as well?

a little note to an anonymous person who made an "honest" observation (opinion) a few days back. he/she didn't like that i deleted his/her comment but i felt it was rude and so they called me a coward for that and threaten to continue coming back. i don't mind your return visits and i was just wondering did your mom name you anonymous? to put myself out there has already taken me farther then you in the realm of courage and if your comment had an ounce of constructive criticism and not just gradeschool name calling i might have possibly left it there! maybe :)


Ghost Particle said...

Hye Lorena! Thanx for participating! Cool mug, and it has a quote too! And hello to Bailey too. Where is this wonder woman mug of yours!!!

Mugs greet us everyday, they make us feel something, hapiness, and it brings back memories. Something that connects us to others. Hope everyone will post their mugs!

Thanx!~ ----<@

Mike's Drumbeats said...

Hi Lorena:

I read your poems and enjoy your pictures all the time but don't usually comment-guess it's time I do-Bravo to you for standing up for yourself to plagarizers and critics!

Mike in Texas

Ghost Particle said...

By the way, the tea is Ahmed Tea, black tea, ceylon tea...well thats what they claim, and I love em all. The one in my mug is the passion fruit+peach flavored. Superb but you cant drink alot coz it'll drive you woozy.

Vesper said...

I love Ani.

Bailey is adorable. I have a bright pink teddy bear named Pink who hangs out with me.

I hate people who copy other people's work. They are the prime cowards.

And I despise mean internet people.

Nahuatl said...

Hi.. got ur link from Ghost Particle. Must admit, I like both blogs of yours :)

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
Very true... After all, he was Plato!!

Anonymous said...

yey.........im the first!

cute mug and adorable puppy:)thanks for introducing bailey to us. good day :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

i think anonymous should go and take something sharp and prickly, like the wrong end of a pineapple and slide it somewhere dark and (undoubtedly) smelly about his or hers person.
rock on Lorena.

cool mug and my kids would go ape for the pup!

Maddy said...

Has someone copied your poem
Lorena? That is actually very
sad - to take someone else's work-
but they cannot take your beautiful
spirit and soul and energy -
they sit in the shade afraid to
find their own brilliance.
The mug is wonderful! Completely
YOU! I love your stuffy - I have
a little blue antique dog -
he goes with me everywhere - and
my brother collects "stuffies"
and gave me a cute dog one as well.
You're post today is cheery and
sweet - just like you.
I hope you don't mind, I am adding
you to my list of links - I allready did but it disappeared
when I tried to edit it - it will
be back today.

Lorena said...

ghost particle :: wonder woman is at home :) i agree. i love when i recieve them as gifts from someone special because you are reminded of them everytime you use it. lovely :) thanks for the invite.

mike's drumbeats :: thanks for leaving a comment this time and for continuing to visit :)

vesper :: we have soooo many things in common!! ani's great. and i hate mean people period!

nayan :: thanks for visiting :)

eden :: thanks. you were first sorta :) you should take a pic of yours!!

cocaine jesus :: thanks for the lovely remark to anonymous :) !! too funny!

madelyn :: yeah, she did twice. i just want her to know that i know. hopefully she will read the post :) thanks for the lovely thoughts you left here. you are definitely such a sweetie :) your kind words were felt and appreciated!!
i've already linked you!!

Maddy said...

ohhhhhhhh! I didn't see that -
I thought you had to "join your
roll" and I didn't feel
quite up to speed to join such
a vibrant group of artists!

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i love the saying on the mug...i think it is VERY true.

also, i can't..CAN'T believe that person is STILL stealing your poems/writing. she has NO shame. too bad we can't go and comment and rat her out. IF she wants to impress people on her site...should she come up with her own original material. The nerve of some people!!!

Jo said...

Came here through Ghost Particle. Nice mug. :-)

transience said...

1) that mug is so sweeeet, lorena dear.

2) this happened to my dear friend rain. and i must admit, it made me so frickin' mad i did some insane stuff.

3) what a skeez. anybody who can't stand up to their comment has no right commenting in the first place.


Very Nice Mug you have there. The puppy is so "chweeeeeet" as in sweet beside it!!! And yes, everyone becomes a poet when love strikes, in their own ways ofcourse!! Some talented poets, some not!! :)

mermaid said...

Bailey is so CUTE!!! Maybe not as cute as my daughter, but still cute:)

Thoughtful mug. It doesn't surprise me you have it.

Lorena said...

madelyn :: my pleasure. i always add all the interesting people that visit me :)

dr.vodka :: thanks about the mug. and yeah, i'm sure all the other stuff is from other people too. i think she wrote anything there except her name :)

thank Jo :)

transience :: yes, i remember when it happened to rain. my goodness!! i hope you are careful because your writing my dear is priceless!! :)

scribblez to wakeup :: thanks. yeah, i agree. although you will always have at least 1 admirer of a poem if it's at least the poet itself :)

mermaid :: i would love to see a pic of your daughter, i'm sure she is much more adorable :) beautiful in fact.

Jewel Rays said...

Hi Lorena,

:) Love da quote on ya mug. Found this blog of yours interesting. :)
Great stuff!!

sirbarrett said...

awww, cute mug and stuffy, I hope you hug him when he gets scared. Tell him that Ani means well. Right now Audioslave is playing. I'll look for a mug to use your example.

Lorena said...

my unveilings :: i like your post name :) thanks for visiting!!

sirbarrett :: thanks :) I do ;) and I will. i look forward to seeing yours. i've never listened to anything from audioslave....

Latika sharma said...

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