Friday, January 27, 2006

a love song for no one

"Searching all my days
just to find you
I'm not sure who
I'm looking for

I'll know it

When I see you

Until then, I'll hide
in my bedroom

Staying up all night
just to write

A love song for no one

I'm tired of being alone

So hurry up and get here

So tired of being alone

So hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox

I could have passed you on the sidewalk

Could I have missed my chance

And watched you walk away?"

lyrics by John Mayer


Nahuatl said...

"Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?"

Touching.. and sad.

transience said...

what hits me most is the title. it's so rhetorical. and hey, i like mayer's why georgia, too.

Maddy said...

This song feels like the author is
in a very lonely place - and
not so hopeful-I love the photo-
contemplative - have you seen
Before Sunrise and After Sunset?
Ethan Hawke is in them - with
Julie Delpy - I'm writing about
them tomorrow - really interesting-
spans the time period of ten years
in the story of the first film and
the second - and filmed actually
ten years apart!
I just love visting your site -
I know I've said this before but
it's so personal and alive!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I love this it's so beautiful it feels like it should be a song, I love the pictures of the spanish dancers too

mermaid said...

The last few lines make me think of the people we meet and the people we miss, and why it is we connect with some and not others.

Your photo, as usual, captures the loneliness so well.

Lorena said...

nayan :: yeah, imagine how random it all is and yet, is it really random.

transience :: yeah i also like that one too.

madelyn :: it's too funny. i've been planning to either rent or buy those films because i was told i would really like them. hopefully soon i will see them. i look forward to reading what you write.

sue hardy-dawson :: it is actually a song by John Mayer.

mermaid :: i know, it's strange and interesting to think about the randomness of it all.
i like how the photograph captured 3 people isolated in their own space.

Anonymous Poet said...

Thanks for posting these lyrics. A love song for no one -- what a great line. I often feel that way when I am writing. . . .

PRADEEP K. said...


Brood Mode said...

good one!

i like the non-flowery, down to earth lyrics. For a change...


Heyy, I was listening to this album last night. The song that does it for me is 83. Oh wow, this album helped me go through a lot a *long* time ago. Been too busy digging in my sandbox lately, so to speak; hope you're doing fantastic!

sirbarrett said...

You little artist! I like the set-up and contrast between the guitar player on the ground, playing away, rough but unconcerned while the woman sits uncomfortably biding her time, full of dread and worry and possibly indulging in the music a little.
If only they would trip into each others lives.

PS-I left you a note re: if you want some music send me your addy and I'll send you a CD.

sirbarrett said...

Oh yeah, didn't even notice the irony of the title at first (thanks trans). The picture is even more funny now.

Anonymous said...

But your posts they are ever sad?

I'm a new entry:-)


Gangadhar said...

Beautiful song with a wonderful pic!!!

Anonymous said...

love that pix and that beautiful coposition :)

moon said...

Darling Lorena,

there is LOVE is your life!
One can feel it by your words and iamges!
you've got the love for life and beauty and so sensitive you are !

a sweetheart kind of love -comes ofen, while not looking for it...:)

Lorena said...

thanks anonymous poet, pradeep and brood mode!!

carolvs :: i like that song too. hope you are doing good as well!

sirbarrett :: thanks :) for letting me know what you see in the photograph. always interesting :)

anonymous :: really? well the recent one is less sad. i guess that is my mood lately :( :)

thanks gangadhar and eden!

moon :: you are darling as well :) thanks. i'm definitely trying to find that love again although it has never been lost on me....thanks for the cheer up your sweet words left!
btw, i love the word "darling" !! sounds so old fashion :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the life isn't allways smilky; in Italy where I live also, but we have the pizza e Venice :-)


Anonymous said...

thank you for your visit on venice. By the way, in Venice, there are a very interesting boys:-)


Lorena said...

hi gugl, yes Venice was lovely and i hope to go back one day. i would agree, yes there are very interesting, beautiful people in Venice :) is this where you live?

Anonymous said...

of course:-))) ... near, enough near, almost near. And you? Where du you live? Also in your country, I see, there are beautiful girls:-)


treespotter said...

can you answer my question for me? that'll be nice.


treespotter said...

my john mayer is no such thing. more for the song, this one's better for the lyric, btw.