Wednesday, February 01, 2006

flirting with strangers

i thought it was about time my blog started flirting ;)

i like flirting although i don't do it with just anyone! :) i have always been fascinated with those strangers we share moments with when walking down the street. the eye contact and mutual attraction, as well as the possibilities of what they might be like, debating whether to say something, whether you should stop and yet it all comes to an end 4 seconds later as you both keep's such a natural high.

the shyish smile they leave behind.


Angie said...

I always loved the thrill that came with flirting. It always seemed to bring a bit of abandon and hope of what could be at the same time. Flirting, if done well, can also lead to the awkward but safe conversation you have when getting to know someone. Ah, the early stages of's great to reminisce this Valentine's season...

mermaid said...

It is always flattering to know you are like a new novel someone else wants to read:)

Lorena said...

angie, thanks for leaving a comment. miss sunglasses :) it definitely is thrilling!!

mermaid :: i love that!! looking at it that way. :) how romantic.

Maddy said...

actually i do flirt - with

transience said...

i love the little joys of flirting and the singular feelings they leave behind. it does good for the soul, i think, when you acknowledge the strange chemistries we share with people we don't even know. i love how your pictures bring out that wonderful emotion. brava, bella!

Pezgirl said...

cute. so how would you flirt through blogging, or in general?

rhein said...

yes, this post cheered me up, too. i think these moments, you have to step outside of your head or you miss them entirely. i haven't had a moment like this in years, and years and years. i'll try looking up this week;).

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Lorena said...

madelyn :: good to hear :) that it cheered you up. i guess it happens with the one it's suppose to happen with, i guess. i wish you a year of flirting w/Nabeel and others :)
i visit your blog everyday as well. we have so many things in common.

transience :: yes it's definitely nourishing for the soul. thanks :)

pezgirl :: thanks. how do i flirt? good question, with a ;) *wink* :) i think i do so with my eyes. remember they are a reflection of what we are thinking inside. i remember once this guy said i was flirting with him because of me looking at him, looking away, looking at him again. i'm shy. i didn't think i was flirting. you?

rhein :: yeah, it's all a matter of making eye contact, LOOKING up. hope it's a great year of lovely flirting :)

bellxone :: alrighty then. thanks for dropping by :)

GEL said...

Clever opening, love your photos and your entire post sends tingles up my spine even if it weren't near Valentine's Day.

I, too, love Mermaids's comparison.

Anonymous said...

what an exciing post of the day!
flirting hmmmmmm,must try it LOL!

extreMEly said...

A flirting blog, a flirting post, the pictures and the words that went with it was very delightful to read and see! haha, like the others, it brought a big smile to my face. Nice job Lorena!

Loki said...

Nicely done,
Happened across your blog, and was reminded how romantic flirting can be. Well said, and nicely illustrated. Here's to a happy valentines :)

Pincushion said...

...oh yes, all those delicious mooning-what-if thoughts, if only for a moment! :))
..ahh but its been a long time..gosh you make me want to flirt again! lol!

Sk8RN said...

Ooooh, girl. I'm trying to do a little less of that, as it tends to get me into trouble. But you're right. It's so much fun - such a high to feel that connection.

George Hari Popescu said...

I have a similar story about a small bus flirt here:

sirbarrett said...

Hot post! Flirt it up! You must know how to work people. You catch them in every phase. I think flirting is a necessary function, but too often we're too cool or uninterested, or distracted or whatever. It takes a little skill to raise a smile, shy or not. If you act on your interest, the results are surprising!

venus said...

girl, you've been tagged! only if you wish to though. Me Dream Person

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorena, but do you know that your is italian name?

I like to see in the eyes: I try the sea and the soul (and sometimes, alas, the abyss)


Luanne said...

i know exactly what you mean by this... =) there really is this rush of natural high. Sometimes i feel like that these moments are photographs that dissolve as time passes by. =)

Paul said...

Is your blog flirting with my blog? I thought so...

Anonymous said...

"I find the sea...)


moon said...

Lorena, i'm truly feel rewarded to know you like and you come to visit me, i love your place, your sensitivity for words, feeling and images of the world, people, not to mention that i truely find you a beautiful and astonishing woman

Lorena said...

thanks silvermoon, eden, extreMEly, Loki :)!!

pincushion :: i suggest you start up again :)

sk8rn :: i guess you will have to do less flirting :)

george hari popescu :: cool story!

sirbarrett :: i know what you mean. i seem to walk but not really look at those around me, too busy thinking. :)

venus :: i'll take a look :)

gugl :: really. cool! are you reciting poetry? how sweet. thanks for dropping by :)

luanne :: what a great way to put it. how pretty to think of it that way :) thanks for visiting.

paul :: i think you started it because you met me first :)

gugl :: the sea, in the romantic :)

moon :: wow, thank you! :) how sweet of you. i'm speechless......thanks for the smile your lovely words brought me. i do love visiting your site as well and finding so many precious treasures including a great person-You. thank you :)

Sidney said...

He,he... funny pictures here !


These are really very lovely, candid shots! What a lovely post! :)

bablu said...

Flirting is good for the heart... So keep flirting... Yes I agree the feeling is unique... and behold who would'nt want to flirt with a beautiful girl as you.

Silly Adventures said...

hi lorena,
you are a star. i wadmire how you alway manage to make me feel:"hey, she is writing exactly what i fell." the fliring one with the pics that go along is a real nice one. thanx.

Jack P Toerson said...

Drive-by flirting. Working in London I used to do this all the time on the escalators. Minus my camera. CCTV though...

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with Bablu "who wouldn't want to flirt with a beautiful girl as you": do you like this kissed rhyme:-)))? how romantic!


Anonymous Poet said...

You can flirt me -- anytime! ; )

Lorena said...

thanks sidney :)

carolvs :: thanks. i'm glad they can pass on as looking candid as that was my intent :)

bablu :: yes it is :) and thank you very much!! you are sweet.

silly adventures :: i'm glad you can connect with my posts! and thanks for continuing to visit :)

jack p toerson :: really, wow. was the person always going in the opposite direction in the escalator? glad you visited :)

gugl :: yes thanks for the rhyme and for the compliment. so much flirting ;) how sweet.

anonymous poet :: i'll keep that in mind :)

bert moth said...

So. much. fun.

Your photos bring life to that feeling that can have you gliding all day.

It's one of the great things about living in the city, taking the T, etc. There's always an opportunity for interesting something or interesting nothing.

Anonymous said...

but for you, every phrasing is poetic?

good waking my far lady


Anonymous said...

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The song of John Mayer you post, its very nice!!

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Hoping to hear you..

Lorena said...

Ô¿Ô :: yes i agree and i like that "interesting something or interesting nothing" :)

gugl :: it could be at times, yes :) hope you had a good day!

roy :: welcome to the blog world. i'm glad you visited. i will definitely drop by :)

grumblefish said...

You're right, flirting's like a little unexpected gift that needs
no receipt. A nice combination of
the earthy and divine, doled out in
personal samples. They'd have to throw shovels full of dirt in one's
face, to deter that glow that one gets. As always, you've managed to
extract something ephemeral from the commonplace... what an eye you have!

Shirazi said...

True and interesting!

Ana said...


I have used one of the photos in a post that tells a little story about two girls looking at each other while waiting to cross a street. The one in a wheelchair yawns, a long and happy yawn and, when she catches the one in a bike looking, smiles. The one in the bike smiles back sheepish and stops looking. When the light turns green and they meet in the midle of the street, they both take a small look in the same moment and start laughing.

The post is called Xeno, a word from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

Tanks for sharing the picture :-)