Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Page 5

i think it's cute how my sticker kept getting your attention. i guess it's because you smoke. i didn't mind. i liked seeing that smile on your face when you were eyeing it and it gave us a reason to talk. and although i rather date a non-smoker i only put the sticker on my notebook because i thought it was cute :)
kiss me!! --i don't smoke!!!-- oh wait you do! i don't care ;)



grumblefish said...

I get a not-so-secret rush, while watching you punt these PC barriers to the curb. With any luck, we'll make it to a world in
which folks' impositions of their own will upon others is less strident. It goes both ways (I know), but still, I admire a person
who can (and will) live by their own judgements, without awaiting an act of Congress, or some kind of benediction.

Maddy said...

funny girl!

anyway quote girl today...
"kisses are a better fate
than wisdon"
ee cummings

sirbarrett said...

Wow. Lorena's been busy. So many new posts! I've missed out! Maybe we should give out kisses as nicotine replacement therapy instead of patches and gum. Pucker up!