Wednesday, March 01, 2006

special delivery from madelyn

Saturday afternoon I recieved a colorful envelope full of many gifts from the lovely Madelyn whom I just met recently, in fact this year. I'm so glad we ran into each other through Barrett's blog. It seems we have similiar taste; she sent me a Pablo Neruda poetry book, origami paper, decorative paper, a journal and a gel pen. Thank you for brightening up my weekend. I felt like a little girl on my birthday. (I'm not use to recieving out-of-the-blue gifts, it feels so good!) I can't wait to get started on my gift. I already have some ideas...!

here's a small excerpt from the book she gave me.
Pablo Neruda's The Separate Rose

"the flower of a virgin smiling at herself,
at the sun, at the tiny bells of noon,
at the church of Father Englert, buried there,
and yes, smiling, full of this distant happiness
like a small wine pitcher that sings."

(i love that image)

A cute little surprise that Madelyn sent was a Ballerina Sticker Doll book in where I get to dress her up in a do you like my selection?

This gave me a trip down memory lane; I use to take ballet and tap dance classes and I loved it!! I remember lining up next to the handle bar and practicing graceful moves, trying to stand on my tiptoes, twirling like a was so exciting. We had performances at the end of the season and it was such a rush dancing for an audience in our beautiful costumes. I remember the busy backstage and then being huddled by the staircase of the stage looking at the dancers performing and anxiously awaiting for my turn. I don't remember being nervous. I don't think I was. I guess this is what brought my passion to spin and spin and spin until dizzy. I think in another lifetime I will be (or was) a dancer ;)

can you find me? (hint: i'm the one with the great leg movement :) I loved those shoes!! I use to love my ballerina square bag with that special compartment for the ballet shoes.

Thank you Madelyn :)


Anonymous said...

wow that was such a lovely picture of you girl!

and a special delivery from madelyn,you couldnt ask for more hey :)

go go dancing......

gusgreeper said...

blogger friends are turning out to be pretty awesome!

that is very sweet :)

Maddy said...

" a small wine pitcher
that sings..."
LOVE that line. Beautiful!

I am thrilled you liked you
package Lorena -
You were so precious as a little
girl - gorgeous - very joyful
looking. What a terrific post
getting to hear about your love
of dancing - and that was fun
for me to see the post of your
little gifts!

I'm so glad we met - thanks to

Alina said...

This sounds like a great gift! You should enjoy every bit and moment of it!

grumblefish said...

It must be the season (happy Birthday, Lorena - belated or ??) but
there's a confluence of events -
Carneval, Mardi Gras, and your own
imagery of dancing. Utterly pagan in
it's innocence and carnality, but it
sends me off for a cold soak, never
mind the sequins;-) Better still, you
hear it, yourself. As always, a joy
to read.

allister said...

Blogs - bringing people together. Not the most original tagline but hey its true! Someone once sent me in the mail postcards and immigration forms to Singapore!

Ghost Particle said...

wow, u were a balerina...i wonder how it became the dream of alot of girls to become balerinas...maybe its something like why all indians learn classical indian dances when theyre small. very nice post.

Silly Adventures said...

lorena, you have been tagged. have a look at my page and enjoy thinking about your answers to the questions.

Nabeel said...

how sweet of madelyn .. why don't you two post a picture together .. both of you in the same picture .. i think it will be worthed

mermaid said...

Very cute, little ballerina:) The ballet present reminds me of fashion plates. Remember that???

sirbarrett said...

Hey ballerina! Are you the one in the middle of the top one? Madelyn is super cool. Now we can all be Neruda fans together. There's one in mine about the wind being a horse wanting to take him away, but staying close to his love, with their foreheads and lips clasped together, they are safe. It is really beautiful, plus I'm deluding myself with the wishful idea that I can learn spanish from comparing the translations.


tiny dancer :D hee :)

Lorena said...

eden :: thank you :) dancing it is!

gusgreeper :: yes they are! :) isn't it!

madelyn :: i'm definitely happy w/my gifts. i'm almost finished with yours!! thanks for reminding me of my ballerina days.

i am alina, thanks!

grumblefish :: my birthday not yet here but thanks. wow a cold soak :) my my. always interesting, you are...

allister :: wow that's wild! and what an adorable gesture. are you still talking to this person?

ghost particle :: i don't know...maybe it's the costumes, playing dress up. there is something about dancing, it can lift the spirits. i like a dancer with a smile.

silly adventures :: i'm working on it. thanks :)

nabeel :: well, we'd have to do some digital alterations or maybe on my trip to canada we can arrange this :) yes, madelyn?

mermaid :: thank you. off-hand i don't remember fashion plates...will think about it perhaps.

sirbarrett :: you found me!! :)
i have been a big fan of Neruda for awhile. the one you described, how beautiful. what book? i also try to read the spanish. although i speak it, it's hard for me to read it...hope you become fluent in it :)

carolvs :: cute :) where is your other blog?

Benjamin said...

I've recently been going to this freeform 'let yourself go' dance workshop thing and I've reconnected with the lost art of spinning round and round. Gives you such a rush, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Pablo Neruda to do spin the head everyone lovers...


Lavinia said...

That is truly beautiful, the pictures, the memories revisited and the wonderful connection you have made with someone through the blogosphere:)

Here's to friends, old and new! Cheers!

Lorena said...

benjamin :: it does and i love it!! :)

gugl :: yes Pablo Neruda has the words to a woman's heart :)

lavinia :: yes, it's great, all the friends we make in this blog world :)

Cracked Chancla said...

oh, you look so sweet as a little ballerina.

Pincushion said...

Oooooops! I've been a lil late coming here, but what a treat! I can just imagine you as a ballerina, somehow your picture(on Profile)with its ready open smile makes it easy to imagine you pirouetting around gracefully! Alas..i have two left hey i'll watch you instead!
How lovely of Madelyn to send you such sweet gifts!


Hello Lorena, I am developing a new blog. Thanks for asking! :]

Sk8RN said...

What fun photos! I was a dancer at that age as well. I love that you posted these photos here. Mine are way too embarassing to post. Yours are so cute!