Saturday, March 18, 2006

underneath my skin

there's an endless story.... (new blog for my photographs)

this was unintentional. never knew how annoyingly hard it would be to do a self-portrait. i was struggling. my camera needs something to focus on for the self-timer to work (not the case w/other cameras) so it proved to be difficult. i should have took my friend on her offer. nonetheless, this is my fav shot of me ;)


Maddy said...

Even outstanding photo's I
have "seen" before - i thought
it was impossible to be
completely original -
and this is brilliant!

(glad you received cd!)
(i am having fun shopping for
my blog buddies in Whistler!)

sirbarrett said...

Oh no! The giant snatched up the subject of the photo! Look, she's taking it away!

Haha, that's what it looks like. I like the size difference. Nice hair.

Vesper said...

Wow! Amazing shot!

venus said...

when i read self-portrait, self-timer, i thought that you finally implimented your idea of "self-portraits" ;)

Cherie! said...

Let's call this one "Lovely hair, empty chair".

mermaid said...

Her hair falls from the sky in leaves of rain. Are we fortunate enough to sneak a glimpse of her face?

Pincushion said...

Hair or palm-tree-fronds? Isolation on the beach? Now this is giving portraits a very original twist ;)

irina said...

I think it is a portrait of you, maybe because it was unintentional... Sometimes a part of us, or an object that we use can say morethan we think about ourselves...

Lorena said...

madelyn :: thank you :) i can't wait to visit Whistler-sounds wonderful.

sirbarrett :: cute :) i could see that....thanks for the humor!

vesper :: thanks :)

venus :: yeah, i'm trying :)

cherie! :: i like it!! cool. :) thanks for visiting.

mermaid :: everything you write is so poetic and pretty :) thanks.
glimpse of me~maybe ;)

pincushion :: thanks :)

irina :: i like what you said, it makes sense. you got me thinking, thanks :) i can now see so many ways to interpret! (good to see you again!)

Jane said...

it is fantastic!

Hazel Dream said...

hmm name it "Perception of a woman"

Anonymous said...

Oh unlucky damosel, you can't glass your selve! :-))


Lorena said...

thanks jane :)

dream merchant, i like it!

gugl, cute, thanks for that! "you can't glass yourself" :)

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i didn't know what that was...the black thing on the top of the photo. looked like a shadow. is it your hair??

it does make for an interesting photograph.

Lorena said...

yes it's my hair.
thanks :)