Thursday, March 23, 2006


i was working on this image last darkroom day. i took this photograph of a marble floor artwork in a florence church. [art history majors] can someone help me with the name of the artist? i am so bad with details!!


Maddy said...

that is breathtaking - the angle
really works - as if you are
in the picture and the middle
of the action!

Wow! (a lorena word)

Sk8RN said...

I don't know the name of the artist. But that is amazing - it's really made from marble? wow!

Anna Piutti* said...

What a great picture!
Can you tell me the name of the church it's in? I'm no art major, alas, though the woman on the right reminds me a bit of Botticelli's work.

Lorena said...

madelyn :: thank you. yes i guess that is my word :) wow ;)

sk8rn :: yeah, i'm pretty sure.

anna :: i don't remember?!! i'm terrible i know. i'll ask my friend. i've been trying to research it but no luck so far. i've done some quick internet searches...thanks.

Nabeel said...

i'd like to help but unfortunately i don't know. Can u give more details as in which church so you can search for the artist who worked on that church or to whom the work belongs to?

Anna Piutti* said...'s ok, it happens. I ran a few searches but didn't have any luck (you're welcome...for what? :) )

Vesper said...

i was wondering if there's any way to turn off the ads that pop up whenever i go onto your blog? if not that's ok...but like two or three other screens open up...and some of those are those shouting icon things.

Lorena said...

nabeel :: i know i'm terrible. i don't remember the church. i'm going to go through my travel book and see what i can find out but thanks for the effort :)

anna :: i was saying thanks for your comment "What a great picture!"

vesper :: sorry about that, it happens because of the chatbox thing.

Anna Piutti* said...

LOL...again, you're welcome.