Sunday, March 26, 2006

word cloud

update: here's the one i bought!
i should be getting it soon :)

this site uses software to scan the widely used words
in your blog. this is mine. i love it!!

barrett, madelyn and mermaid made the cloud!! :)

i'm actually going to buy the t-shirt accept
i'm going to make a few changes (to many repetitive words)
- ou can do that-
i think everyone should try it!!
go and make your Word Cloud.


amitken said...

that looks pretty cool :)

Sk8RN said...

This is so cool! I think I'll have to make one. I may need to post on something a little more typical of my writing, though, because it's picking up some of the more recent words, which aren't necessary things I'd want permanently representing my blog on a t-shirt. But very cool idea. Thanks for the link!

Devil Mood said...

Oh I love this! I'm going to make my own cloud and I'll link you for your wonderful idea ;)

Maddy said...

curious - as someone in an
e-mail today linked me to
their cloud and now
I made one from your link-
it hasn't arrived yet, does it
take a long time?

Yours is beautiful! Thanks for
including me!!!!!

mermaid said...

Thank you, Lorena. You always find the neatest things:)

kimananda said...

That was fun! I especially like how the names of my fave blog friends were in the cloud.

Thank you for that, and for having such cool blogs. Now I'm off to browse a bit. :-)

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i love the "word cloud" thing. A wonderful "toy". Mine would have some interesting words like...tit, ass, freedom, vodka, boys, homeless.

Benjamin said...

Hi Lorena. Yeah, thats sweet, quite poetic.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well on your side..Thanks for your e-mails...

Well for sure will try


iamnasra said...

I need to select a poet for the upcoming Interview...Would you do me the honour to selet one ...I would be grateful if you could play the rule of journalist and do the interview

If thats not to much to ask


Bluesky_Liz said...

Very interesting. :)

Stan said...

Hi Lorena, I don't really have time for visiting other people's blogs at the moment, as I'm in Hawaii, but I saw that you or someone from here visited my recently and thought of you and couldn't resist. I must say your blog is very refreshing. Let me emphasize that: it's VERY REFRESHING. It's not just that it's written by a very likable person, which it is, but that it's so unpretentious. And yet, at the same time, when I'm here I feel like I'm reading something very profound, without really knowing why. I think it has partly to do with the fact that you are such a healthy and intelligent woman. That in itself is wonderful to see, from my point of view. I don't mean to complement you here. I'm trying to understand something, while I'm writing. Okay, here it is: unpretentious and healthy imply natural. You're a natural woman. That comes across. And the depth? The depth is like the depth of nature itself. When you see beautiful clouds, a wonderful landscape, you see more than just beauty but are amazed by nature itself. It's not an artificial painting. Nature is just its incredible self. If you see enough of it working together it can take your breath away. And to see a person who is just being their whole selves, naturally - to not have to strip away layers of artifice to see that - is a thrilling thing. About as deep as you can see. I get a feeling of that whenever I come here.

Stan said...

Hi Lorena, I see that you are moderating the comments now. I didn't realize that at first, that's why I rewrote it. If you publish one, use the second one.

Maddy said...

grumpy - never got mine-
what a weiner with technology
i am -
i am going to try again tonight-

yours is so beautiful-
i want a t-shirt too-
i may have to borrow some of
your words....i seem to borrow
all your great ideas!

Maddy said...

whoa...i just read what Stan
(above) wrote to you
and my god...this is so
eloquent and true -
you are deeply natural and pure
and it IS so refreshing...

see how you stand out in this
beautiful ethereal blog of yours?

Lorena the blog princess!

Nabeel said...

I think this is a great idea .. to have a word cloud .. i just made mine .. unfortunately it's not as cool as yours :( .. dangit ..

the most prominent ones are .. [people, image, video, chicago, read, text, burned, fight] .. duhhh @ my blog .. no love .. no hearts and words of such kind :(

Lorena said...

i'm glad everyone liked the site. i should be getting my t-shirt soon!!!!

stan, wow, i was blown away by the beautiful sentiment you left here in my blog. thank you very much for taking the time to brighten my day with what you wrote.
one thing that i have always been proud of is my honesty and my courage to let others see me for who i am. to know that somehow
that shows in my blog is a huge compliment! i was also excited to read your beautiful thoughts
on nature! you have an amazing way with words.
aloha ;) from the looks of it, you are having a blast! take care.

madelyn, i hope you get your t-shirt soon. if you need any help let me know.
also thank you dear for the beautiful words you left! you are a sweetheart :)
fyi: i borrow your great ideas as well-postcards, collages-i'm lovin it!!

Anonymous said...

cool tshirt!

GEL said...

Interesting idea. Enjoy your t-shirt! :)

sirbarrett said...

I'm not exactly sure what's happening but I want my word cloud. I got a preview of how it would look but then it went to the next screen and said that a t-shirt was currently being made with my word cloud and that I'll recieve an email about it. Now I'm impatient! I just want my word cloud! (although a t-shirt would be cool too. See how marketing works?)

Josh said...

very cool! i made one myself..but took out peoples names..well it left mine in..heh. not gonna buy a shirt though i dont think.

Cracked Chancla said...

how cool. its interesting to see the words it picks up. i want one now too.

peg said...

OMG, Lorena... that's so cool. My cloud includes YOUR name, go figure.
I love it!