Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the distance is making you fade

it's finally slipping away

as much as i tried to keep it alive

time is playing its part

the distance
is making you


Ghost Particle said...

a long read (the link) very nice.

Amie said...

nice! a page in your diary...a chapter in your book of life. love this!

"the distance is making you fade"-a constant fear i have since i'm in a long distance relationship.

Vesper said...

Very very cool! Beautiful!

Sk8RN said...

Wow. What a moving post. And I hadn't read the prior post that it linked to either. Very powerful story of what you shared together. [sigh]

Sk8RN said...

Wow. What a moving post. And I hadn't read the prior post that it linked to either. Very powerful story of what you shared together. [sigh]

mermaid said...

Hopefully, you aren't fading with it. Hang on to here.

GEL said...

(I need to return to read the link to this.) Strong, sage, succinct words! Lovely photography.

sirbarrett said...

That is an amazing shot! Is that a real person? It's almost comic-bookesque especially the way the panels are laid out with the words. Do you like comic books? They can be gripping.

grumblefish said...

Somehow, the image of a woman evanescing before the surf seems
like a perfectly coordinated exit
from one view of reality, back into
a slightly more inscrutable one. I
tip my hat- you've pulled it all
together, without the tale devolving into a C&W ballad. Lovely!

Lorena said...

ghost particle :: yeah it's pretty long. thanks if you read it all :)

amie :: thank you. if the love is strong, distance can't stand in the way, at least not for awhile, time will tell :)

vesper :: thank you :)

sk8rn :: thank you! it's long, i'm warning you :)

mermaid :: i'm definitely hanging here ! :)

silvermOOn :: thanks. although i can't take credit for the pic. it's from a calendar.

sirbarrett :: unfortunately i didn't take the picture :( i scanned this image from a calender of mine. it fit perfect with what i was trying to convey. i don't read comics. i can see how they would be interesting though. do they have wonder woman ones? i think they do, no?

grumblefish :: thanks and i like your thoughts on it as well (exiting from one view of reality into another) cool :)

Anna Piutti* said...

You are always so expressive, Lorena.
And deep. It's great! :)

Maddy said...

time? so all i need is time
to play it's part?

i could move into this blog
Lorena - to be inspired
and hide!

gorgeous post - love the color
and the "heart forward"
skip of the beat

Anonymous said...

ciao poetess, you are very intense.


Lorena said...

anna :: thank you :) !!

maddy :: yes but sometimes it takes soooooooooo long!!
you are welcomed to move in, there is some vacancy :)

i thought those words were perfect "heart forward skip of the beat"
i think you should write a poem with those lines....!

gugl :: i love being called that, thank you for always returning to visit :)

Anna Piutti* said...

You're welcome!

By the way, I was wondering whether you use an instant messenger? I'm on MSN, I have Madelyn on my list already (though, unfortunately, we have only managed to chat a couple of times so far).
Anyway, if you ae able to chat and feel like it, just let me know via e-mail.

Anna Piutti* said...

Oh, and I agree...Maddy's "heart line" is amazing; she SHOULD use it in a poem :)

Nabeel said...

looking at the three pictures i do get a sense of slipping away .. nice .. i'm glad u posted three instead of one ..

But i will do everything to make it stay
Would never let it slip away ..
And whatever tricks time & distance shall play
I will find a way !

Lorena said...

anna and i both agree maddy - use those lines! :) for a poem.

nabeel :: i love the addition, made me smile :) lovely!

Maddy said...

i'm in my own zone-

"live in the present and
honor what the past has
ignited in you..."

Lorena said...

i like it maddy! i think eventually we will have to do a post in where we all contribute, keep adding to it. i think it would be cool. like a story...

Maddy said...

whoa...i LIKE that
let's do it!

Nabeel said...

very cool idea .. let's do it
you can count me in

floots said...

beautifully composed

Anil P said...

Maybe if you made me into a star
And hung me up in the heavens,
Then maybe, like you see the moon
And remember all the silver nights
I'll remain in your thoughts too
Inspite of the distance.

Then maybe you won't have to ask yourself
If you've tried hard enough
To let memories become real
And snuggle you across the distance.

Let the distance fade, not me.