Thursday, April 13, 2006

escape to new york

another little wish come true. i don't have any specific plans except for my date with kate at her play Guardians. friday night i hope to visit the empire state building for some romance and my chocolate fix at serendipity. and tons and tons of photographs to take.

i leave you with wine :) my very cool friend brought this to me from greece.
love the cover and the word drama on it.


Sk8RN said...

That is a particularly attractive bottle of wine. Are you going to be able to drink it, with it looking so pretty?

Alina said...

Enjoy your trip, Lorena, and of course your wine, when you return :D

Maddy said...

that is soooooo cool -
oh Lorena! I am soo
excited for you and can't WAIT
to see your gorgeous photo's
hope you have lots of romance
and chocolate!
hurry back!

allister said...

New York is one of my favourite places in the world. Central Park is amazing. Tell us all about it, with lots of pictures!

Michael Manning said...

Sounds like a good plan to me! Have fun!!

Anna Piutti* said...


venus said...

Have fun in New york Lorena! But don't forget Chicago :P

Nabeel said...

your ring looks very cool .. what's the name of the stone?

venus said...

U've been Tagged :)

Maddy said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hurry back!!
and post those pix!!

extreMEly said...

Have lots of fun in NYC! And yes, enjoy the people, sites, and chocolate!

Maddy said...



Lorena said...

sk8rn :: i did drink it and it was delicious!! i shared it with my friend :)

thanks alina!

maddy :: i'm soon going to post the pictures. thanks for all the good cheer you left in your comments. :)

allister :: i will soon.

thanks michael.

anna :)

venus :: i did forget chicago but just a little :)

nabeel :: thanks. it's a glass ring. i will have to get back to you on the stone. it's blue and purple. very pretty.

maddy, i missed you too :)

extreMEly :: i did, thanks!!

maddy :: almost finished scanning. it's time consuming. this is where a digital camera would come in handy.

treespotter said...

curious, but how did i catch your NY pics? they're really good, but how come they're not here yet?

Sk8RN said...

Lorena, I need your cheer and your beautiful insights and your courage right now. Would you be so kind as to read my latest post and drop off a little hope for me? I am feeling utterly desolate this morning. And you have a lovely way with words. I would be ever so appreciative.

Lorena said...

treespotter, you caught me!! i had scanned the pics (what you saw)
but decided
to scan the negatives since the results are so much better.
i will post them up again tonight! :)

sk8rn, you are so sweet :) !! i hope i helped in some way!!
i wish you all the best.

Nabeel said...

i know i saw a new post with newyork pictures. There were many pics .. everywhere one looks in timessquare there is an ad for some product ..

sooo did i really see a post with the pics of ur nyc trip or is my mind playing tricks?

Lorena said...

you did nabeel accept i decided to scan the negatives instead, better resolution :) i will post them tonight. i stood up late scanning them, till midnight!!

sirbarrett said...

ohhh, you will have fun and take excellent pictures I'm sure.