Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i love new york

new york is my kind of city. i enjoyed soaking in the energy, the people, the culture, the art and i'm fully equipped with attitude to fit right in ;) i think the only thing that gave me away as a tourist was my camera. if i had to move to another city it would be new york!
below are the color photographs i took.
the complete set of photographs can be found in my flickr site.

the red sign below says "no standing anytime"

and no one was accept for me :)

-sometimes just want what you have- did anyone else see that above?

the beautiful Central Park.

i found serendipity by pure coincidence ;) j/k
i also found a 1 & 1/2 hour wait. skipped it.
penciling it in for my next trip to ny.

audrey hepburn - classic beauty-
bought a cute t-shirt with her face on it.

easter sunday in new york - found some angels :)

i want to eat here next time!!


Sk8RN said...

You took some great photos. Sounds like a fun trip!

allister said...

I took almost an exact same shot of the New York Police Dept photo, except it wasn't raining.

This really makes me wish i was back there again. All the people, the interesting sights everywhere you look. Its an amazing place and i hope i get a chance to go back soon.

Anonymous said...

hey ,love all the series shots here,ill be back blogging shortly :)

Anna Piutti* said...

Wow...those are some great shots!
I so wish I had been there too.

gusgreeper said...

all of them are fantastic!

grumblefish said...

You have a wonderful eye for spotting compositions- loved the
Guy/Gal/Serendipit(y) shot. Still
can't see the edges of your tabla rasa!

transience said...

i see the beauty of new york in your photos and in your shoulders. =) i missed you.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i've been to NYC several times...always enjoy myself....i love going there.
i think i've seen NYC during all seasons except the ...wait a minute...i've been there for all four seasons :)

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i even shook hands with Conan O'Brien ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, big traveller!


Maddy said...

these photo's are brilliant!
i love your photo's of
central park and the
one of serendipity is fantastic
-the lines are amazing...
but the central park ones
are so unusual - very peaceful
not a touristy bone in the
perspective of them...

i am a huge Audrey fan -
did you know that? She is
such an inspiration to me
in every way...
i am off to see the flikr...
my head has been in the

Dan Husain said...

Someday when I am in New York, I'd drop in to say hi and may be you can take me on a guided tour. :-)



Maddy said...

The photo's on flikr are
i love the grafitti -
was that in soho?
and i just adored the
angels on the street with
the business man on the phone
really fresh eye, Lorena
i have never seen these
shots before in the sense
that you tend to have seen
it all as New York is so
so so photographed....
but YOU have brought
the lovely Lorena eye to
New York...portrait business
in New York?....

bert moth said...

New York's its own world. The photos are fantastic. I liked that little room with table and chairs!

mermaid said...

A little too fast paced for me, but I loved the pics of Central Park and the Angels. Makes me believe there is a standstill even in a rush.

Wonderful eye, Lorena.

Devil Mood said...

Those are some wonderful pictures! Does that red sign really say that? It's amazing...
I loved the tulips and the Audrey Hepburn section :)

Vesper said...

gorgeous pics. i would so fall in love with new york.

Anonymous Poet said...

Great photos! Classic New York!

: )

sirbarrett said...

I'm starting to hear Frank Sinatra in my head. These colourful photos capture the diversity, hustle and bustle of New York. Central park looks so much prettier with flowers than when I saw it covered in snow (mind you, it was pretty then too). So do all Americans dress like the girl in that billboard? Jk. I agree with Maddy on the angels.

Lorena said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments.

grumblefish - i just realized that you had pointed out the guy/gal thing but i thought you had meant as in the female/male. nonetheless i found it out on my own while looking at it. just luck really (or was it ;) i can't believe the (y) is not showing. i never cut off words :)!! thanks.

maddy :: made me think of the song "calling all angels" :)
graffiti was in soho.
no i didn't know you liked her!!
thanks for all the kind words!

dan :: i don't live in new york but if i did i would have :)

devil mood :: yes it does. if you click on pic you can enlarge.

sirbarrett :: some do :) thanks.

Thank you all!!