Sunday, April 09, 2006

where do i begin?

i was making a cd for madelyn when i decided to put the title of the songs on the cover and then i added a few other words, had some fun and here it is!

it's on the way madelyn :)

worn me down
when Both Hands unWrapped me
those 3 days and then you left
right in time?
like a cannonball
in the sun i felt it
Life Got in the Way

i search for clarity
-we're just oridinary people-

i've got to


looking up i see
a flashing sign that reads:
it hits home
my heart whispers
"there is a vacancy"
where do i begin?


GEL said...

Hmmm. Nice and nice gift for Maddy. :)
A blogger surprised me by wanting to make me a CD. It's a lovely gift.

Anna Piutti* said...

That's lovely!

I hope you're feeling better today :)

mermaid said...

life for rent
there is a vacancy
where do i begin

I loved, loved, loved the layers of meaning in this!!! Feeling empty, wanting to be filled, filled by them and me.

Maddy said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love those photo's with
that stool - so hopeful and
expectant and a beautiful
i can't wait to get this!!!!!!
everything takes so long going
to and coming from Chicago-
i don't know why
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!


Maddy said...

and...that is so Lorena-
Lorena who makes EVERYTHING
you live a poem...

Alina said...

Wow, this is really great! I've never seen something similar. I guess it is quite fun to try something like that!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool Lorena! really dig it!!!

-raindrops- said...

well, that's a nice exercise for poetry-writing. :)

sirbarrett said...

Lorena, there's so much to this. Funny how life gets in the way because there is too much going on and then it gets away when you don't know where to start. There is a wise observation though that we're "just ordinary people". We have to keep things up or shut them down or do whatever maintenance is required. Then we can save the day!

When things build up, I start with a To Do list.

Slackie Onassis said...

That's really cool, Lor.

Anonymous said...


great compositon indeed :)

Sk8RN said...

What a fun idea - you turned the song titles into poetry, right? I only recognize a few of the song titles, but LOVE the concept.

Anna Piutti* said...

I hope you enjoy your time in NY.
Relax, body and mind. Take all the time you want to daydream, to smile for apparently no reason, to feel free.
(At the risk of sounding corny)
Love is the greatest reward, and as long as you feel it, it's always with you, regardless of the direction things may take.
Please, keep shining.