Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i found my home

"i wonder if you'll ever decide to search for me one day and if you do, would you have the map inside of you to guide you to me and would it be too late?

i surrender once again and put my faith in the
universe and

way. "



love lingered behind me
inside me
and found me
i'm in love


it doesn't matter what path i take anymore
i found the hand i want to hold
i found my home

(happy anniversary baby, i love you)


Ghost Particle said...

beautiful. Happy anniversary.

Brood Mode said...

He must be moved and touched and smiling away...

Happy Anniversary!

Anna Piutti said...


What a wonderful post and picture!

sophie said...

"Love goes towards love"


(since he had such a gift with

-Lorena and M: - happy anniversary-

reading this post was lovely as
i think the linkback was the
very first post i ever read
of yours!!!!

(you should print all this in
a beautiful little book -
with the poems and story unfolding-
it is quite romantic:)


Anonymous said...

this is...pretty! >^_^<

and since i have time to spare, i think i'll read your archives and read the "story unfolding" as sophie said.

mermaid said...

I remember reading you a year ago...a woman filled with such hope and longing.

Look at you now. Happy Anniversary.

Lorena said...

thank you Ghost Particle and Brood Mode! :)

anna :: thanks for always being there to chat!

sophie :: yes i remember that was your first comment. i love how you read my intention so exact! from one romantic soul to the next- thanks for your beautiful encouraging comments. they mean a lot :)

[a}ma {m]iz :: thanks for taking the time to read :)

mermaid :: yes, longing has been my state of mind my whole life!!! it's good to finally be on the recieving end. thank you for always giving me inspiration :) i appreciate it!

-it's actually 6month anniversary :)

stella said...

whether 6 months or 6 days - love feels like an eternity. ;)

happy mid-anniversary!

Benjamin said...

a happy and dreamy post. touched x

Anonymous said...

Oh thats so beautiful.

Lucky lucky guy.

GEL said...

Hi Sweet Lorena,

I've been a touch and go blogger and missed coming in here. I'm so happy for you both! Vividly, I recall your yearning for that special someone. Oh, this fills me with joy for you two!

(You'll see th name GEL at the top. I used that name long before "SilvermOOn" and have returned to using only that name.)

My new addy is: & blog title is "Emerald Eyes."

sirbarrett said...

Has it been a whole year? Time flies when you're in love. I'm so glad you found this Lorena. It's a special kind of thing.

Lorena said...

stella :: thanks!!

benjamin :: good to see you back!!

thanks lavinia! :) i'm lucky as well.

gel :: thanks for the update. glad you are back!!

sirbarrett :: no it's only 6 months -fromthefirstbeso- :)

Anonymous said...


touched my you, when ever i come to vist.
Happy for your happiness and for this love that hugs you and fills you!!!