Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You and I Both

a song that i heard on the radio for the first time and was immediately in love with. it spoke of you and i and words and chemistry and connecting and love. and then the song ends and so it seems with time so did our words, us, we and now i can relate to the entire song, not just the beginning. bittersweet.

You and I Both by Jason Mraz on Grooveshark


CC said...

Hello Lorena, Its been a while since I visited. I can more than relate to songs pulling on heartstrings. Thank you for sharing.

I've also always enjoyed your photography, its so nice to see you're keeping it up!

Lorena said...

Hello! It was so nice to hear back from someone. I miss blogging so much and just like you, I love that I can look back at my archives and all the connections I made along the way. It seems many past bloggers have moved on and it's sad but hoping to return and find something of the magic that blogging had for me once.

again, lovely to find someone out there visiting :)