Tuesday, July 12, 2005

enjoy the ride

Mexico Lindo y Querido

Voz de la guitarra mía,
al despertar la mañana,
quiero cantar la alegría
de mi tierra mexicana.

Yo le canto a sus volcanes,
a sus praderas y flores,
que son como talismanes
del amor de mi amores.

México lindo y querido,
si muero lejos de ti,
que digan que estoy dormido
y que me traigan aquí.

Que digan que estoy dormido
y que me traigan aquí,
México lindo y querido,
si muero lejos de ti.

Que me entierren en la sierra,
al pie de los magueyales
y que me cubra la tierra,
que es cuna de hombre cabales.

Voz de la guitarra mía,
al despertar la mañana,
quiero cantar la alegría
de mi tierra mexicana.

"The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows
- so if you are broken down, you can still enjoy the beauty of the view.”

Dan Eldon, 1970-1993
Artist and Photojournalist


DeeM said...

Road trip! Awesome pictures. I so would love to go there. i love the photos of the clouds and the dark landscape. this would make a great series in an exhibit. I love it!

gone said...

Boy, I hope you don't run out of international photos...this is a HUGE series! Very nice composition and I like the story they tell.

irina said...

Me gustaron las fotos, me gostaron las letras de la canción...
Sounds so much like a Romanian poem which evokes my own country. So specific. Loving one´s own homecountry is a wonderful side of a personality. Accepting your roots and cherrishing them, and sharing them... Qué alegría,¿no?

!!blue said...

I like the pix, wish they were in color, I bet they'd look brighter! :D

jonny ragel said...

sweet pics. I love mexico.

Brookelina said...

Lorena, these pictures are amazing.

Lorena said...

deem :: thanks. i love the clouds as well!

jacob :: i know, i couldn't leave any out! i just realized i missed one too. thanks.

irina :: yes, i forgot to mention that is a song but you must have recognized it. i would like to read that poem of Romania.
mucha alegria, si :)

blue :: yeah, i did take some in color but l like my b&w :) thanks!

thanks brooke :)

Nihilistic said...

Very very nice...what kind of camera do you use?

Mystique said...

Cool pics! I want to go see Mexico now. Gosh so many places to visit and so little time. :D

Aleksu said...


If I was not a bit under the weather, I would be toasting with some Tequila right about now.

Y que digan que estoy dormido, iñor!

Amie said...

i love this batch of photos...it's like some clips from an old movie. i didn't understand the words but i assume it was all about mexico. :)

Karthik L G said...

all taken from inside the car??

Gangadhar said...

Lorena!Lovely lovely pics....i like black and white pics verymuch...

bablu said...

Wonderful set of photos of your ride Senorita ! Enjoyed them.

nin said...

nice photos...
black & white photo has its own charm...
the landscapes are breathtaking....
nice post...
pls change my url : http://www.kolkatablog.blogspot.com/
take care...

The-Scientist said...

Lorena hermosa: You have urged me to open my own blogg (thing I am considering, when I have time enough and real things to share). But now, Señorita Lorena, I URGE YOU to exhibit, I URGE YOU to publish. You know, it would be criminal to deprive the world of the intenso drama celeste, you can comunicate with the force of the greek sourceres who killed her own children to culminate a vengance. Really, you are a great artists, and the world is hungry for sensibility like yours...

Te admiro, poeta de verbos de luz...

Take care and God bless you...


P.S. Now, with the "mexico%2060.jpg" my desktop dilema have more capability to tear me in three pieces. Why are you doing me this? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :0)

P.S. de la P.S. "México lindo y querido" es preciosa. Fue muy acertado ponerla, porque está detrás de la piel de las imágenes... ¡Viva México, chirrión! ¿Eso no te da ganas de darte unos tequilazos? :0)

Cracked Chancla said...

lovely pictures. i wanna go on a road trip to mexico now. the landscapes are always so inspiring.

"Que digan que estoy dormido
y que me traigan aquí,
México lindo y querido,
si muero lejos de ti."

those words took on a special meaning after my grandfather passed. its also something my dad has drilled me on. if ever (god forbid) and he's not there i better get him there.

gusgreeper said...

DAMN GIRL!! photos just DO NOT get any better than this. i felt like i was watching a kick ass movie or something!!!!

irina said...

Dear Lorena,
Be my guest: read the English version but do indulge yourself: Spanish version :)

stella said...

These shots do look like they are scenes from a movie!! A beautiful film with subtitles...

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Wonderful, Wonderful pictures I love the quote too. You must be able to send them to a magazine or something- coupled with its background story it would make a great article

Potted-flower said...

Wooooow. Those pictures are beautiful. Did you stop? How did you not get blur? I love the goat! The quote is very clever. And the mexican words are pretty too. Even though I don't speak anything else than stupid english. :( beautiful :)

GQ1NYC said...

It is wonderful to have pride in your country and heratige. There is a great feeling of belonging when you care for your culture. It reminds me of the Puerto Rican day parade, where we chant.

¡Que bonita bandera
que bonita bandera
que bonita bandera
es la bandera puertorriqueña!

Here's to everones love of there land!

The-Scientist said...

Well, since we are sharing songs of love to our country, there is one that wrote the Puerto Rican poet and singer Antonio Cabán Vale (El Topo), named "Verde Luz" ("Green Light") which in Puerto Rico we say it is the secondth national anthem. It goes like this:

Verde luz, de monte y mar
(Green light, of mountain and sea)
Isla virgen del coral
(Virgin island of the coral)
Si me ausento de tus playas brumorosas
(If I get absent of your misty beaches)
Si me alejo de tus palmas silenciosas
(If I get far from your silent palms)
Quiero volver, quiero volver
(I want to be back, I want to be back)
A sentir la tibia arena
(To feel the warm sand)
A dormirme en tus riberas
(To get asleep in your shores)
Isla mía, flor cautiva
(Island of mine, captive flower)
Para ti quiero tener
(For you I want to have)
Libre tu cielo, sola tu estrella
(Free your sky, alone your star)
Isla doncella, quiero tener
(Maiden island, I want to have)
Verde luz, de monte y mar
(Green light, of mountain and sea)

It is a song about exile and independence, but it is so treasured by Puerto Ricans of all ideologies (pro-statehood, pro-commonwealth -the present status- and pro-independence)that, couple of drinks provided, everybody sing it with teary eyes and a the top of the lungs... :0)

Hope you enjoyed it...

Take care and God bless you...


Lorena said...

stacy :: thanks :) my camera is a Nikon N55.

mystique :: thanks :) start planning so time doesn't run out!

blex :: my mom can yell 'Ajúa!' so great!! i'll drink a shot for you.
hope you feel better :) and thanks for taking part in the singing!!

amie :: yes it's a very popular song about mexico. i never thought of it as a movie but that sounds cool, thanks :)

karthik :: no! i did get off the car for some but it's all within my travels :)

gangadhar :: thank you.

bablu :: glad you did :) thanks!

avik :: thanks :) will make change to url, thanks.

the scientist :: wow, you always amaze me with your words. i look forward to visiting your blog (hurry). thanks for the encouragement :) btw, you actually picked out my favorite scenic photograph, that's crazy!! go for it -->the tequila shot :)

p.s. thanks for sharing the song. i never heard it. i'm sure my friend would know it.
it's beautiful.

cracked chancla :: thanks & yes it is. that is one of the perks of being a passenger, you get to look out and take in the beauty & dream. thanks for sharing your story behind the song :)

corinna :: thanks girl :) !! that really means a lot.

irina :: i'm having trouble with the links??!!

stella :: thanks. oh, now i'm trying to imagine a story in them too. cool idea :)

sue :: thanks. how cool that would be! :)

potted-flower :: thank you :) i did make some stops and i wish i would have gotten some blurs because that would have been interesting. still a lot were taken while cruising & with a fast shutter speed.
i love the goat one myself. he looks like he's posing for me and doing a good job because he looks like a natural :) ha ha!!

gq1nyc :: you're puertorican? thanks for adding this. lets have pride in all cultures :)

The Scientist said...

I put the "Mexican picture" in my desktop... IT RULES!!!!! Thak you...

Take care and God bless you...


mermaid said...

Like the analogy of broken down car with broken down spirit, but still enjoying the view, enjoying small pleasures in life. (OK, it's my interpretation.)

This reminds me of a poem called "Rearview Mirror" I had written in college, in reference to this guy I liked. No matter how hard I tried, I knew he would always be a flash of scenery that I would eye in my rearview mirror as I sped my way through college.

Beautiful landscape.

virumandi said...

hi...gr8 photos..whichz ur favourite?? mine is the one where there is a 'stream flowing'...it reminds of the flowing of thoughts from anybody's mind..just smooth but perennial!!!

I am trying to find the meaning of ur spanish words....once done..i shall post the meaning...see if they are correct!!!!

Shirazi said...

Thanks for returning to Light Within after such a long time. BTW, you can play with the image in Photo Shop because I have forgotton where did I find that.

You have a wonderful set of photos here.

transience said...

oh. my. god. black and white shots of mexico. i love these, lorena!

Het Waghela said...

Hey Lorena,
You have a very nicely made blog, I will be now a regular guest to ur blog. :)

வீ. எம் said...

Excellent Photography ! Thanks for sharing !

Good Day

Marel Lecone said...

I think the pics look really great and artistic in the B&W. Even though I cannot understand every word. I am able to decipher what you are saying. A beautiful tribute to the land that you love.:)

elkenarra said...

lovely black and white!! y lindos versos también!!

irina said...

try again Lorena.
They are supposed to work. I tested them!

Tazeen Mohsin said...

Wow!!!! I loved these pics. I guess alot has happened ever since I was away on vacation. Excellent job!!!!!!

Falconmyst said...

I love the black and whites
surfing is a trip in itself; great blog.

Joyce said...

I can never get good shots from inside the car. How did you do that?

Lorena said...

the scientist :: so Mexico won, that's great!! :) you were able to save it in large format i hope. (by clicking on image first and then saving it)
i'm happy :)

mermaid :: i like that thought and i think all this beauty really brought a little life to my broken spirit. thanks for sharing that :)
i so would love to read this poem!!! pretty please. you can share it anyway you'd like and at anytime. (email or here)
thanks :)

virumandi :: my favorite is #7 down. (lucky seven & just a coincidence). i like your view on the stream flowing. very nice. i'll see how well you do with the translation :)

shirazi :: i was happy too. i'm behind on visiting. so many blogs to visit. the image saves small but i tried. thanks for visitng :)

thanks transience!! :)

het waghela :: i'm glad you will visit again, thanks :)

வீ. எம் :: thank you, i'm glad you dropped by.

marel lecone :: thanks. i'm sure these would look great in color as well but b&w is amazing.

elkenarra :: gracias!! :)

irina :: i just did and it will not go to website. i tried just going to the website and the page could not be displayed! i'll keep trying. thanks :)

tazeen :: glad to see you're back. hope you had a great vacation. look forward to visiting. thanks :)

falconmyst :: thank you!!

joyce :: all of the shots are not from the car but those that i did i guess the fast shutter speed helped.

GQ1NYC said...

Yes I am 100% NuYorican*

*Born in NY but both parents are from PR.

irina said...

Mioritza (name of a sheep)

Near a low foothill

At Heaven’s doorsill,

Where the trail’s descending

To the plain and ending,

Here three shepherds keep

Their three flocks of sheep,

One, Moldavian,

One, Transylvanian

And one, Vrancean.

Now, the Vrancean

And the Transylvanian

In their thoughts, conniving,

Have laid plans, contriving

At the close of day

To ambush and slay

The Moldavian;

He, the wealthier one,

Had more flocks to keep,

Handsome, long-horned sheep,

Horses, trained and sound,

And the fiercest hounds.

One small ewe-lamb, though,

Dappled gray as tow,

While three full days passed

Bleated loud and fast;

Would not touch the grass.

”Ewe-lamb, dapple-gray,

Muzzled black and gray,

While three full days passed

You bleat loud and fast;

Don’t you like this grass?

Are you too sick to eat,

Little lamb so sweet?”

”Oh my master dear,

Drive the flock out near

That field, dark to view,

Where the grass grows new,

Where there’s shade for you.

”Master, master dear,

Call a large hound near,

A fierce one and fearless,

Strong, loyal and peerless.

The Transylvanian

And the Vrancean

When the daylight’s through

Mean to murder you.”

”Lamb, my little ewe,

If this omen’s true,

If I’m doomed to death

On this tract of heath,

Tell the Vrancean

And Transylvanian

To let my bones lie

Somewhere here close by,

By the sheepfold here

So my flocks are near,

Back of my hut’s grounds

So I’ll hear my hounds.

Tell them what I say:

There, beside me lay

One small pipe of beech

Whith its soft, sweet speech,

One small pipe of bone

Whit its loving tone,

One of elderwood,

Fiery-tongued and good.

Then the winds that blow

Would play on them so

All my listening sheep

Would draw near and weep

Tears, no blood so deep.

How I met my death,

Tell them not a breath;

Say I could not tarry,

I have gone to marry

A princess – my bride

Is the whole world’s pride.

At my wedding, tell

How a bright star fell,

Sun and moon came down

To hold my bridal crown,

Firs and maple trees

Were my guests; my priests

Were the mountains high;

Fiddlers, birds that fly,

All birds of the sky;

Torchlights, stars on high.

But if you see there,

Should you meet somewhere,

My old mother, little,

With her white wool girdle,

Eyes with their tears flowing,

Over the plains going,

Asking one and all,

Saying to them all,

’Who has ever known,

Who has seen my own

Shepherd fine to see,

Slim as a willow tree,

With his dear face, bright

As the milk-foam, white,

His small moustache, right

As the young wheat’s ear,

With his hair so dear,

Like plumes of the crow

Little eyes that glow

Like the ripe black sloe?’

Ewe-lamb, small and pretty,

For her sake have pity,

Let it just be said

I have gone to wed

A princess most noble

There on Heaven’s doorsill.

To that mother, old,

Let it not be told

That a star fell, bright,

For my bridal night;

Firs and maple trees

Were my guests, priests

Were the mountains high;

Fiddlers, birds that fly,

All birds of the sky;

Torchlights, stars on high.”


Al pie de los montes,

Boca del Edén,

Por una cañada

Bajan hacia el valle,

Bajan tres rebaños

Con sus tres pastores.

Uno es de Moldavia,

Otro transilvano

Y otro de la Vrantcha

Éstos dos, un día

Caliente de estío,

Cuando iba en los prados

A caer la tarde,

Quisieron matar

Al pastor moldavo,

Pues era el más rico

De los tres, teniendo

Muchas más ovejas,

Muchos más corderos

Y perros valientes

Y fuertes caballos.

Pero una cordera,

Una “mioritza”,

Después de tres días,


Jamás se callaba.

-Mi amada cordera

De rizada lana,

¿Por qué estás hablando

Desde hacetres días?

¿Es que no te gusta

La yerba que paces?

¿Es que estás enferma,

Mi triste cordera?

-¡Ay, pastor, mi hermano,

Lleva tus rebaños

Hacia el bosque umbrío!

Tú allí tendrás sombra

Y pasto nosotros.

Dueño, dueño mío,

No olvides llevar

Tus perros más fieros,

Porque hacia la tarde

Los otros pastores

Te quieren matar.

-Cordera de barsa,

Mi buena mioritza,

Mi amada cordera

Si eres adivina

Y a mí me mataran,

Diles a esos pastores

Me entierren en el

Redil más cercano,

En donde os ordeñan,

Para que yo pueda

Oir a mis perros,

Pues yo estaré allí.

Tú, mi mioritza,

Entierra conmigo

Mi flauta de haya

Con su voz silvestre,

Mi flauta de hueso,

De dulce murmullo,

También mi zampoña

De saúco que canta

Tan cálidamente.

Y el viento que sopla

Las hará sonar.

Vendrán los corderos

Llorando y vertiendo

Sobre mí sus tristes

Lágrimas de sangre.

No les digas nunca

Que a mí me mataron.

Di que me casé

Con una gran reina,

Novia de la tierra,

Que en mi casamiento

Un astro cayó,

Que sin nube alguna,

La Luna y el Sol

Me dieron corona,

Que en el festín tuve

Los pinos por huéspedes,

Las más altas copas

Por cantores y

En las verdes hayas

Millares de pájaros.

Si, por el contrario,

Vieras a una madre

Que viene trayendo

Un cordón de lana,

Llorando, llorando

A través del prado

Preguntando a todos

Y a todos diciendo:

-¿Quién na conocido

Y quién el que ha visto

A un bravo pastor,

Delgado y esbelto,

El talle de anillo,

Bello, noble y alto,

Su rostro más fresco

Que espuma de leche

Bigote lustroso,

Color de la espiga,

Los cabellos negros

Como ala de cuervo,

Brillantes los ojos

Cual mora del campo?,

Dile si la ves,

Mi buen mioritza,

Con gran compasión,

Que yo me casé

Con una gran reina,

Novia de la tierra,

Que al pie de los montes,

Boca del Edén,

Durante mi boda

Un astro cayó,

Que fueron los huéspedes

Del festín los pinos,

Popes las montañas

Y, entre los hayedos,

Cantores los pájaros,

Los astros, antorchas.

jenn see said...

i love road trip photos.

i don't read spanish, but i felt i didn't need to to understand these.

The-Scientist said...

Wow, Irina, that is a very sweet and melancholic song... Thank you very much... It is very touchin, one can almost feel the breeze throght the leaves in that line that serves as frontier between a forest and a plain, and the sheperd sitting sad awating for his murder while plaing the melody of the same song in the flute...

Take care and God bless you...


Lorena said...

GQ1nyc :: nice to meet another latino :)

irina :: thanks for sharing the lyrics, they are beautiful :) what a nice story it tells. i'm glad you included it here in both languages. i don't know why the links aren't working!

jenn see :: i'm glad you understood :)

well said Hector! :)

gusgreeper said...

i answered your comment on the golf post with a post....hope you like it!! hope i don't get shot by my readers who don't like sports. hehe I wanted to do a similar post anyway so you just gave me an excuse!! thanks! :)

Lorena said...

making my way over there :) can't wait to read....!

irina said...

Lorena, I am sorry I pasted the poem (it is not a song) here, so long a comment... I am glad you liked it. When I read this
México lindo y querido,
si muero lejos de ti,
que digan que estoy dormido
y que me traigan aquí.

I couldn´t help thinking of the similarity between the two poems...

Dear H.,
Thank you for your kind words. I noticed you are sensitive to beauty. Your song was great to read too. I am waiting for your blog to appear. I feel I will be happy to be able to read it...

Lorena said...

hi irina, yes i see the similarities and i'm glad you shared it :) thanks.

see Hector, 2 people cheering you on, come on!!! :)

The (very blushed) Scientist said...

Geeee... Girls... My face is so blushed right now, my head could explode at any moment. If no one has to clean pieces of brain from my monitor (I am at my work station, and I almost deserve to loose my job for the thosand times that I have come here in the day to stare at the pictures -I've become a photojunkie!), sometime soon will appear my blogg. Obviously will not be a fraction of beautiful of this one, but hope to do something decent with words...

A thousand million kisses for both of you... :0)

Take care and God bless you...

Your friend,


Neel said...

Primero, tus fotos estan de gran belleza, pero escribes muy bien tambien. My Spanish is a bit rough.

Another lovely post!

Pezgirl said...

wow. I have no idea what those words meant (I do not know Spanish, if that is what that is :P) but those photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Gustavo said...

What part of Mexico did you visit? I like the Jorge Negrete version of Mexico Lindo by the way.

gulnaz said...

excellent! have been quickly scrolling up and down these pictures making it into a video for me with depeche mode playing in my head alongwith.
loved it! :)

JL said...

Hi Lorena,
I love your blog, your pics and btw the comments too. You must be a very nice partner to have a trip with. It is so good that you preserve these memories about trips with your pictures and share them with us. Thx a lot! :) It makes me remind some of my own trips...
Irina, the "plain and mountain" part recalls me a bit "Brothers in Arms" from Mark Knopfler...

"These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be
Some day you’ll return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you’ll no longer burn
To be brothers in arms"

Of course the other parts of the lyrics is very different to "your" poem, but who can control association :)


irina said...

I am aware of the randomness of association, I love it in fact. It is so enriching. The poem about Romania is very different of Lorena's one and yours, but at certain points they just meet! Isn't that wonderful? Three cultures in dialogue...
BTW, Brothers in Arms is one of my favorites. Dire Straits is great.

mariposatomica said...

Foto exhibit please! Looking at your pix gives me such nostalgia for home. Sigh, anyway what part of Chihuahua is your family from? My dad's family is from a small Puelo named Julimes six-hours away from the city of Chihuahua.

Itineranting said...

These are gorgeous..and as usual, makes me yearn to get off this seat & go down those roads..
Till then, thank you, for a bit of armchair travel..

The Voice said...


I love the black and whites - such excellent pictures. I trust you had an excellent time.

I can actually hear the Mariachi's singing Mexico Lindo - my heart swells.
Porfiro Diaz, a President of Mexico said this of Mexico whose fate it was to be a neighbor to the United States.

"Pobrecito Mexico, Que lejos de Dios pero que cerca de Estados Unidos"

Poor Mexico, so far froom God, so close to the United States.


Anonymous said...

Voz de la guitarra mía
al despertar la mañana
quiero cantar la alegría
de mi tierra mexicana

To me this sounds like

When waking up in the morning
I blend with the voice of my guitar
I want to sing with joy
On my Mexican earth


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the 1st pic looking out the front windshield....Gorgeous! they're all beautiful. You have such an amazing blog.

Rex Venom said...

Great Pics!
Rock on!

Patry Francis said...

Each photograph is a story. Wonderful series.

. : A : . said...

Awesome road trip!

Pecos Blue said...

Wonderful. I really enjoyed this like the others. You have to tell me how you got the photos into your blogg?

Baejaar said...

My knowledge of Mexico is limited to just some occasional movies. But this series of shots captured it well. I am still wondering whether the B&W was just for aesthetics or whether it has any subtle meaning to them.

Shirazi said...

What is nest. Waiting. . .

Het Waghela said...

Definitely, I am now a regular visitor of your blog.

Jaxe said...

I love the Big Sky in some of those pics, Lorena. The limitlessness, the space, the feeling of getting lost in those clouds. *sigh* Beatiful!!!


Lorena said...

the scientist :: good, we look forward to your blog :)

neel :: thanks for the spanish :)

pezgirl :: thank you.

gustavo :: chihuahua, chihuahua/parral/baeza/la magdalena is my mom's hometown.

gulnaz :: oh, that's cool!! :) a video. i'm going to try that!

JL :: thanks for dropping by. i would say i'm a pretty cool travel partner, definitely! i'm good with maps, sorta or at most talking so that the driver doesn't fall assleep. anything helps :) thanks for the kind words and for sharing your lyrics.

irina :: yeah, it's nice how you put it too, "three cultures in dialogue" :)

mariposatomica :: ok. meanwhile my blog is a webexhibit. thanks :) bueno, my family is from a small pueblo "La Magdalena" which is in the town Baeza. Does that sound familiar?

itineranting :: thanks :) i'm glad you visited and left a comment!

the voice :: i did have a great time. thanks. thanks for sharing the quote as well. :)

iamnasra :: you basically translated,very good!! :)

mitzee :: thanks for always visiting and being so sweet!!

rex venom :: thanks :)

patry francis :: i should look closely to find them. thank you :)

A :: thanks, it was.

pecos blue :: thanks :) i use hello although now blogger allows adding photographs with them. it's not the easiest when you are posting more than one but its ok. visit --> http://www.hello.com/how_bloggerbot_works.php

baejaar :: i just love taking photographs in b&w. i also shot some in color.
thanks for visiting :)

shirazi :: ok. soon.

het waghela :: cool!

jaxe :: yes, i love the clouds as well. maybe because i like getting lost in them. nicely put jaxe. glad you visited this blog as well :)

Anonymous Poet said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Daniel Heath said...

amazing shots, L. I haven't been hanging around your blog for that long, so I haven't seen this side of your photography. these are extremely nicely composed. the documentary feel to them is excellent. the goat shot in particular.

and what was that you were saying on my blog about how I seem to travel all over? I've been reading your blog for a month now and you've been to Italy and Mexico already...

Lorena said...

thanks anonymous poet!!

monkeyO :: i take that as a big compliment coming from you since i admire your talent in photography :)

so far i haven't gone to any new place this year. i'm revisiting my trips from last year here.

Dulce said...

wow, i love your photos..brings back memories of our family trips to see the grandparents in Mexico...the am radio playing corridos and the stark beautiful terrian...

Lorena said...

thanks! i guess some of us share similar stories. it's amazing & it's what unites us. :)

Marcus Harris said...

Great pics! I love the collective duality that they reflect: simple & unrefined, yet poignant & cogent at the same time . . . awesome understated commentary on life!

Lorena said...

thank you marcus :) very nice description, i appreciate it.